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I think we forget to breathe sometimes.
We inhale all the troubles,
all the hurt, all the intoxication,
all the smoke, all the hurt,
and all the drama
and I think we forget to exhale it out
because we are too busy trying to figure out
how to deal with it all at once even when we know
we cannot control all that comes and goes.

Maybe we need to let go of control of some things,
maybe we do not need to control everything
the way we think we do and the way we want to.

Seasons change four times a year
whether we like it or not, and the weather
can change every hour and sometimes we forget
to bring an umbrella or wear a jacket.
But doesn’t Spring always come back around?
Doesn’t it eventually stop raining?

Stop trying to hold onto everything at once,
stop trying to make everything so perfect and neat.
If we try so hard to make our lives steady and controlled
there will be no surprises,
no moments that take your breath away
and those are the moments that are unpredictable.

So just breathe a little and try to enjoy
what comes and appreciate what goes.
There are no answers if you keep searching,
it’s going to come to you.
Inhale the good and bad,
we need a little of both to enjoy life for what it is.

Ming D. Liu (via mingdliu)
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